Bernina sewing machines and Bernina quilting machines are two completely different instruments. The Bernina embroidery machine is different than the first two. Sewing machines allow for regular, or construction, stitching. It is no surprise that embroidery machines allow for embroidery stitches. Quilting machines only do one stitch, straight stitching for quilting. There is some overlap, modules can be purchased from our Pennsylvania store for many Bernina sewing machines that make them embroidery machines. Regardless of your sewing style, we have the machine for you.

Bernina Embroidery Machines in Pennsylvania

Bernina embroidery machines create decorative patterns seen as more art than function. Our Pennsylvania store carries the entire line of Bernina embroidery products and machines. We also have digitized patterns that can be loaded onto your computerized embroidery machines in Pennsylvania. The process works for product branding and corporate advertising, but there is so much more. Before 1964, all embroidery was done by hand. Now computers have digitized the machines, and our Pennsylvania shop is excited to be involved in what the future brings.

Our Pennsylvania Shop Stocks Sewing Machines

The typical purpose of a Bernina sewing machine is to join two pieces of fabric to make it functional. There are other purposes like patching and hemming, and Bernina machines from our shop in Pennsylvania can do them all. Whether your sewing machine helps make your fashion visions a reality, or if it merely adds life to your family’s worn clothing, it is an essential machine for any household. Our shop in Pennsylvania has the perfect Bernina sewing machine to fit your needs.

Bernina Quilting Machines in Pennsylvania

Our Pennsylvania shop’s Bernina quilting machines are giant beasts that only do one stitch. They lack the features that most sewing machines have, because they have only one purpose, straight stitching for quilting. Some machines replicate the look of hand stitching. Heirloom machine stitching has gained popularity in recent decades, we have that equipment as well. From fabrics and threads to machine accessories and the machines themselves, our shop in Pennsylvania has all the equipment to get you going on all your quilting projects.

Here for All Your Sewing Needs

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