BERNINA 1008 Sewing Machine in Pennsylvania

Our shop in Pennsylvania has the Bernina 1008, a machine that we call, “simply brilliant, brilliantly simple.” It is mechanical, and many people are so impressed by how it performs, they claim it will be the last machine they will ever purchase. Many teachers in Pennsylvania use Bernina sewing machines in schools, and the dependability and ruggedness of the 1008 Bernina sewing machine makes it the most favored by educators. There is something innately beautiful and appealing about a simple, mechanical machine.

Bernina 1008’s Stitch Patterns

The Bernina 1008 from our Pennsylvania store boasts 17 different stitches. There are 14 practical stitches, one button hole and two decorative. It sews at 900 stitches per minute. There are five different needle positions, sewing can be done from each one. The length and width of the stitches on our Pennsylvania company’s 1008 Bernina sewing machine are completely adjustable. The machine also includes a color-coded selection guide for all the stitches on an easy-to-operate control panel.

The Stitches of Our Pennsylvania Shop’s Bernina 1008

Our Pennsylvania shop’s Bernina 1008 can do a straight stitch, zig-zag, blind stitch, universal stitch, stretch stich, vari-overlock, running stitch, scallop stitch, triple straight stitch, triple zig-zag, troweling stitch, double overlock, edge stitch, reinforced overlock stitch, buttonhole stitch, and two decorative stitches. The variety of patterns and ease of use make this a popular Bernina sewing machine for Pennsylvania’s costume designers and other commercial sewists, as well as the home hobbyist who just demands a high-quality machine.

Bernina’s Durability Prized by Pennsylvania Owners

Our Pennsylvania customers love the rugged durability of the model 1008 Bernina sewing machine. Because it is mechanical, it can take a beating, from the hardest-working Pennsylvania costume designers that cart the machines all over the place to teachers who know their students might not be as delicate with sewing machines. The retractable handle and carrying bag make it easier to transport. The controls are easy and intuitive. For commercial or home use, our shop in Pennsylvania is ready to sell you yours today.

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