BERNINA 330 Sewing Machine in Pennsylvania

There are three machines in Bernina’s computerized sewing machines series available at our shop in Pennsylvania. The Bernina 330 is the basic model. Our Pennsylvania experts call it Bernina’s “stylish compact.” The controls are made to feel less complex than most computerized sewing machines, and the machinery is housed in an attractive metallic casing. Like most Bernina sewing machines, the stitch quality is high. The 330 from our Pennsylvania shop comes supplied with a powerful DC motor for consistent stitches on heavier or stacked fabrics.

Bernina 330’s Accessories from Our Pennsylvania Shop

The Bernina 330, like those at our Pennsylvania shop, can handle a whole range of fabrics, and there are accessories available to boost their capability even more. The 330 breezes through natural fibers like cotton, linen and wood; fine fabrics like silk, taffeta, satin and velvet; medium to heavyweight knits and synthetic fabrics like rayon, polyester and blends, and even upholstery. Our Pennsylvania shop has accessories to ensure your Bernina 330 can handle almost any material with ease.

Our Pennsylvania Pros Know the Bernina 330 is Perfect Beginner Machine

Available in our Pennsylvania shop, the 330 is the perfect Bernina sewing machine for newcomers to the electronic sewing machine world. There are 97 stitches available—one buttonhole, 23 decorative, three quilting and the alphabet. It sews up to 900 stitches per minute and has many features to make you more efficient: an automatic needle threader, LCD screen, and a stop/start button that allows you to bypass the foot pedal. Our experts in Pennsylvania would love to give you a demonstration.

Bernina Company History

Our Pennsylvania shop is proud to offer Bernina sewing machines like the Bernina 330. Bernina was started in 1893 by Karl Friedrich Gegauf after working at an embroidery factory. He and his son found success with sewing machines, manufacturing their one millionth machine in 1963. In 1986, they launched the first fully automatic sewing machine, and the 1990s brought their first sewing computer. Today, Bernina sewing machines are available at our Pennsylvania shop, and are considered one of the highest-quality sewing machines available.

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