BERNINA 480 Sewing Machine in Pennsylvania

Hoover's Bernina Sew in Pennsylvania happily provides the space, resources, inspiration and chances to hone your sewing craft with lessons and community events held by us. Hoover's Bernina Sew in Pennsylvania has a full lineup of Bernina sewing machines and the practice space to help, no matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran. We have traditional and new Bernina models to help you sew quilts, accessories, embroidery and clothes.

Bernina Sewing Machines Available for Use at Hoover’s Bernina Sew in Pennsylvania

Our selection of Bernina sewing machines in Pennsylvania provide you with every assistance imaginable. Our Bernina 480 comes equipped with a 9 millimeter stitch with for every embroidery and decorative sewing project, a touch-screen display, automatic thread cutters and more than 200 decorative stitches to choose from. We have a lineup of Bernina sewing machines in Pennsylvania from the Bernina 480 on up to the 8 series. We know finding free time to sit down and sew with your community may be difficult, but we strongly encourage you to come out to one of our events and see how you can be a part of Pennsylvania’s sewing circle.

Hoover’s Bernina Sew is Pennsylvania’s New Meeting Place for Artisans

With classes designed to get every beginner and professional in contact with most recent sewing trends, materials and machines, Hoover's Bernina Sew is Pennsylvania’s one-stop shop for all your sewing needs. We have traditional sewing machines and modern ones with touchscreens, so now, more than ever, your quilting, sewing and embroidering is easier and filled with new-age possibilities. We want to give every beginner a chance to fall in love with sewing and every professional a chance to practice their unique craft.

Pennsylvanians of All Ages are Welcome to Hoover’s Bernina Sew

If you’re looking to get into the delightful art of sewing and stitching, Hoover’s Bernina Sew in Pennsylvania is proudly opening doors to anyone who is ready to begin sewing with top-quality Bernina sewing machines. We have a lineup of Bernina sewing machines, a Swiss brand known all over the world for quality and easy use for over a century, from traditional series to the high-tech 8 series featuring a touch screen with programmable sewing and stitching patters. No matter your present sewing skill or background, we have the tools in Pennsylvania to get you started and keep you going.

Here for All Your Sewing Needs

Hoover's Bernina Sew is your fabric store for outstanding support and services when it comes to all things sewing. Hoover's Bernina Sew in Central Pennsylvania is dedicated to your craft and offers a wide variety of options in products and repair services, no matter your project size or needs. Browse our site and discover something new with our sewing store. Make sure and stay up to date on the programs and drop by our sewing and fabric store location today or give us a call regarding all your sewing needs.