Embroidery Machine Accessories in Pennsylvania

Do you need compact scissors for snipping jump stitches? What about the precision of a thread stand, some fabric stabilizer or hoop grip tape? Maybe you need the actual hoops. Our Pennsylvania shop has all those embroidery machine accessories and more. An embroidery machine makes the embroidery, the accessories make it easier and more precise. We have computer modules, bags to protect and transport your machine, and all the hand tools to help with your embroidery projects in Pennsylvania.

Embroidery Modules From Our Pennsylvania Shop

Updating the module in your sewing machine in Pennsylvania can make an embroidery machine out of your embroidery-capable Bernina sewing machine. We have small, medium and large modules that are the perfect embroidery machine accessories for your sewing machine in Pennsylvania. They can even handle closed and tubular embroidery projects like trouser legs, blouses, coat pockets and t-shirts. Any embroidery-capable Bernina machine in Pennsylvania can benefit from one of our modules and take your work to the next level.

Bags to Protect Your Machine in Pennsylvania

A bag to protect your machine might be one of the most practical embroidery machine accessories our Pennsylvania shop offers. Whether your embroidery machine is just sitting inside your house, or if you are transporting it, a bag offers protection on many levels. With all the tiny moving parts, dust is a natural enemy. It is best to keep your machine in Pennsylvania covered and unplugged when not in use. Transporting it offers a whole plethora of challenges, many of which are solved by proper bagging.

Our Pennsylvania Store’s Other Accessories

Our Pennsylvania shop offers a wide assortment of other embroidery machine accessories to assist you with your embroidery projects, from specialized scissors with curved blades for close cutting and wood rug hooking or cutting away stabilizer, to hoops and hoop grip tape to secure your projects. Our shop has any accessories for your Bernina embroidery machine that you can think of, and probably quite a few you can’t. Reach out to us with your embroidery needs today.

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