Embroidery Machine Repair & Service in Pennsylvania

Before computers were so readily available and affordable in Pennsylvania, embroidery was done by punching designs on paper before running them through a machine. It was tedious work and if a mistake was made, the embroiderer would have to start over. Embroidery machines in Pennsylvania date to 1973, and home computerized machines were introduced in 1980. Today they are readily available, but still require embroidery machine maintenance and embroidery machine repair. Our embroidery machine services in Pennsylvania keep your machine running like new.

Basic Maintenance on Pennsylvania Embroidery Machines

The best embroidery machine maintenance for your machine in Pennsylvania is often the simplest. When not in use, keep your machine covered and unplugged. Replace the needles every 2-4 hours of operation and use the proper high-quality thread. Oil on a regular basis and refer to the manual. Too much oil attracts dirt, and too little oil can cause your machine in Pennsylvania to seize. If you notice any variation in performance or how your machine sounds, call our embroidery machine repair specialists in Pennsylvania.

Expert Embroidery Machine Repair Specialists

The mechanical components of embroidery machines seem overwhelming. In fact, our embroidery machine service technicians in Pennsylvania must go through extensive training to understand how to properly service your machine. The mechanical components are often hard to reach because they are packed in so tightly with each other. They must also all work in complete synchronicity with the components around them, with clearances sometimes as small as thousandths of an inch. Leave your embroidery machine repair to our Pennsylvania pros, we have you covered.

Making Complicated Embroidery Machine Service Simple

Since computerized machines first made their way into our Pennsylvania homes in the 1980s, they have become more and more popular. Today they are commonplace. The computer in your embroidery machine must coordinate with the mechanical components to ensure the proper embroidery of your patterns. The only embroidery machine maintenance you can do on the electronics is update the software occasionally. If the computer in your machine is acting up, bring it to our embroidery machine service professionals in Pennsylvania.

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