The most important factor in your Pennsylvania quilting project is the fabric. Indeed, any sewing project depends on what type of sewing fabric you choose to use. At Hoover’s Bernina Sew, we are Pennsylvania’s one-stop fabric shop with a wide range of fabric and experts to help you choose the best ones. Whether you are sewing a fabulous outfit or a big, snuggly blanket, you can find what you need at Pennsylvania’s go-to fabric shop.

Your Pennsylvania Fabric Store

Our Pennsylvania store has a large number of sewing fabrics in stock at all times. As a fabric shop, we have the expertise to help you choose the best fabric for your Pennsylvania project. We have everything from fleece to cotton to blends and everything in between. Choose from not only type of fabric, but color and pattern. Our Pennsylvania store has a variety of each, expanding your choices and giving you the options you need to masterfully complete your project.

Quilting Fabric

If you’re looking for quilting fabric, we’ve got you covered. With the wide range of fabrics you can use to quilt with, our Pennsylvania store can help you choose the colors and patterns that will make your quilt as beautiful as you imagined. When you need lots of new fabric with which to create the Pennsylvania quilt of your dreams, come to our store and we will help to make that dream a reality.

Embroidery Fabric for Pennsylvania

There isn’t one specific type of universal fabric for embroidery. Embroidery fabric should have a looser weave, allowing for the thread to pass through without breaking or bunching. As you move forward with your Pennsylvania embroidery project, our team can help you choose the right fabric and colors for what you want to create. Whether you are using a Bernina embroidery machine or are embroidering by hand, we have the tools to help you make your project a success.

Here for All Your Sewing Needs

Hoover's Bernina Sew is your fabric store for outstanding support and services when it comes to all things sewing. Hoover's Bernina Sew in Central Pennsylvania is dedicated to your craft and offers a wide variety of options in products and repair services, no matter your project size or needs. Browse our site and discover something new with our sewing store. Make sure and stay up to date on the programs and drop by our sewing and fabric store location today or give us a call regarding all your sewing needs.